Ideas for a Fun Halloween!

I love Halloween. My birthday falls two days before the occasion, so as a child every year was a fun, fancy dress party to celebrate. You could say I have nothing but fond memories (and I've been egged!)

I wanted to share with you all some fun ideas we do every year along with my annual children's party. Feel free to share yours with me too, after all, we all have our own traditions and what not so i'd love to hear how you celebrate Halloween.

The first one is a sure way to get the children excited and I love doing it: face paints!

 Midge last year.

It's always nice to make toffee apples (or chocolate apples) but have you tried marshmallow apples? Seriously tasty:

Another treat for any cool Halloween party table are these angel delight cups coloured with food colouring and sprinkled with chocolate Oreo biscuit. Draw a face on the cup or add decorations for extra fun:

Who doesn't love a good pumpkin carving session?! I do the carving in our house; it's 'my thing:'

Get some glow sticks out, turn the lights out and wave them around to create bright and wicked patterns. Use your camera to catch some really great glow stick movements like these:

Finally, one which you may or may not want to do: visit your local graveyard


How do you celebrate Halloween? Do you trick or treat? ( we don't but we do have sweets for those who do) or are you a shut the house up and pretend no ones home kind of family? I'd love to know.



  1. I love caramel/chocolate apples but have never tried marshmallow ones, think I will have to give those a try. The Angel Delight cups sound lovely too. I'm having a scary film night with snacks on the 1st Nov as we get loads of trick or treaters on Halloween. For this month on my blog I'm crafting/baking etc. If you want to have a look it's

    Enjoy Halloween :)

  2. Oooh your Halloween treats look so good! I love your little ones face painting x #HalloweenLinky

  3. I used to live behind a graveyard when I lived with my mum/grandparents. I don't know how I wasn't freaked out as kid on Halloween. Thanks for linking up to #Halloweenlinky Week 3 is live now.