Sunday Stroll

I know it's two days late but I've come down with a stomach bug and have two bickering children trying their best to ruin this summer holiday! Still, they're starting to get used to each other which is a good thing and all I can do is hope we can get out and about again soon!

Last Sunday we rather spontaneously stepped out the house for some fresh air and a treat for breakfast. We went to Wetherspoons for a large English breakfast before deciding to explore our town a bit. There is a slightly hidden path beside the local park that we'd never bothered with before but hubby thought it would be a nice idea if we took a stroll and find out where we end up.

Well, I'm so glad he suggested it because it was really lovely. I felt like I was going through a bit of the country again with the loose stone path, the over grown bushes and the fresh air.

We ended up in such a pretty little village called Penponds. It really is beautiful, one of those quiet, quaint villages. We found a pink painted house!

We also found a house which looked so pretty and had huge fields attached to it complete with a stable for two horses. This horse was so big and handsome, Midge and Little A were a little taken a back by how big she was!

We walked under Pebponds bridge where shortly after we saw two trains zoom over us. Little A was so excited, every train is Thomas to him you see. We then walked up a little more and came to the villages local church. Such a lovely little church.

We spent a lovely afternoon just the four of us out and about getting some fresh air and discovering new places. I wish I could live in that village! It was a bit rubbish though coming back to my home on the bus station road and right around the corner from town. Ill never be a town kind of girl. Ill always dream of my lovely little house in a quiet and quaint village.



  1. I love exploring places I've not seen before - what a beautiful railway bridge, every train is Thomas to C too! xx

    1. I love this age :) Thank you for stopping by! xx

  2. Oh! What a lovely afternoon you had!!! I love exploring villages too.

    I don't think I've ever seen a pink-painted house. Cute!

    1. I must admit I was all over the pink house, wish it was mine ha!