My Week That Was Instagramed 3

So, the first week of the summer holidays has just passed us by. We haven't got up to much because we've been surviving the first week and nothing else in all honesty! Both of the children are now, thankfully, getting used to each others company during the day (everyday) again so next week should be a lot more fun!


I accidentally missed last Saturday out of my post so I'm making up for that here. We went over to my Mum and Dad's and were treated to a yummy BBQ by my sister. I got to have Hake which was really nice. It was nice to have something different at a BBQ I must say! We went for a walk and the children had great fun in their mini paddling pool.

Porthleven Harbor is beautiful


On Sunday I hosted my own BBQ at hubby's Sister's house. We all had so much food and fun it was a great day. My sister-in-law is laid up with a broken ankle so we thought it may cheer her up a bit. It seemed to when Hubby entered into a rather messy water fight! Before we went over I took a snap of Midge and I in the car. I love to make sure there are photos with me and the children, it's so important.


We didn't do much on Monday (or any of the week for that matter!) I booked my first Holistic Therapy course which I'm looking forward to and just chilled with Midge and Little A. I turned my TV on around 8pm to find out the wonderful news that Prince George had been born so I set about baking a cake. At 11 pm it was all ready. 


We all plodded about on Tuesday and enjoyed relaxing. Midge had a friend from school over for a few hours and then we did some film watching whilst Little A had a (very) long nap. We watched Cheaper By The Dozen which had us both in stitches. Little A woke a few hours later and we had some lovey snuggles.


Today we had a massive clear out of 'stuff.' The local charity shop really did benefit, they couldn't believe how many bags Hubby was bringing in with him! I didn't count how many we gave away but it still doesn't feel enough! Still, I guess I have to have something in the house huh? I set about picking a few favourite postcards and framing them in my bedroom. This space has needed filling for a while.


I wasn't feeling up to doing much on Thursday (cheers anxiety..) so we stayed home. Hubby left for work early and Midge had her friend over again. This time though she went to the park and had some dinner out when her Mum came to relieve me of them both! She came back home in time for bed and I had some lovely quality time with Little A. In the evening I snuggled with my letters and a hot chocolate.


We did lots of crafts and drawings today and discovered some old kids TV programmes on Netflix which was so great to watch. I love the original Paddington for example! Midge really wanted to play dress up so I thought I'd treat her. I pulled out my wedding dress and she felt like a right princess walking (sort of) around the house in it. I loved taking some photos of her and I shared them here.


No missing out Saturday this week! Sadly I wasn't feeling very well so, yet again, I had to let the babies down about not going to Heartlands. I've promised we'll go next week instead. I did help Midge  make clay pots when Little A was napping and they both painted pictures once I had cleared my letters from the table.

I hope next week will be more eventful! 
Today we had a lovely day out walking which I'll definitely be blogging about, so keep your eyes peeled!



  1. I spy two of my postcards to you there :) yay!

    Midge looks so beautiful in your wedding dress - such a lovely photo.

    Thank you so much for linking up - hope to see you again next week :) xxx

    1. You do! I loved them so i had to frame them haha! Look forward to next week xxx

  2. Oh my cuteness, how beautiul does Midge look in your wedding dress, so precious!
    Love the postcards in a frame, great idea, I've got the cupcake one!

    Anxiety sucks, hope it doesn't both you too often

    1. Thank you :) You have good taste then haha! Thanks, it comes and goes but i usualy manage it,somedays are better than other of course x