Happing Birthday Paddington Bear!

A few weeks ago we had a visitor in the Cupcake House. He was a very, very important visitor. He was none other than Paddington Bear.

Paddington came all the way from his more permanent home at Lucy's to stay here in Cornwall with Midge, Little A and myself. He had a great time and was sad to leave. I thought I'd share this today, on his birthday.

When Paddington arrived he was all wrapped up in his little blue coat and most excited to be shown around (which Midge saw to straight away) He came on the school runs with us for 3 days and hung out with Little A when Midge wasn't around. (He wasn't too keen to hang out with the pupils at primary and I can't say I blame him)

Paddington proved pretty useful during his stay by entertaining the children, helping with the baking and even with my blogging! Here he is helping with the Walkers Crisps review:

 He said they were okay, but not his favourite...He also met other members of the Cupcake Family too. Namely our adorable pet hamster Crunchie. Paddington wasn't too fond of Crunchie because his nose may have been sought after for nibbling..

 Of course when the children went to bed it was just Paddington and myself. What did we do? We indulged in marmalade sandwiches *Yum Yum*

Greedy Old Bear

We were sad to see Paddington go home but he had a very important job to do in keeping an eye on the mug I was sending to Lucy. I'm told he didn't eat too much of the Cornish fudge and had a pleasant trip. Thank-you Lucy and Harry for letting Paddington stay with us for a week. If you'd like to look after Paddington,

Cupcake Mumma 


  1. How cute :) I used to have a Paddington bear when I was younger, goodness knows what happened to it! x

    1. Oh no, shame you lost it! Or it was handed down on to someone else i wonder? Parents have a knack of doing that lol xx