Walkers Hoops and Crosses: Yum!

I was told as a child to never play with my food. It's something I have even said to my children in the past but now that Walkers Crisps have brought out their new Hoops and Crosses range, I think I'll probably be eating my words..

A tasty box of golden crisps Mmm

These tasty crisps come in 3 flavours: roast beef, prawn cocktail and salt and vinegar (which are all suitable for vegetarians). Unlike most crisps that are made from potato, Hoops and Crosses are made from corn. This is something I actually really like because it's different, the crisps are lighter and as far as crisps go, they're healthier too. 
Little A loved the roast beef flavour and I thought they smelt delicious! Midge had a try but didn't like the flavour we had. We've since seen some of the other flavours which she can't wait to try!

Little A offering my a 'cross'

Hoops and Crosses contain wholegrain (which 27% of young people do not get!) and are preservative and additive free. I can feel a little better about packing Midge off to school with Walkers' new range of crisps as opposed to our current brand.

A very cheeky monkey!
Why don't you give Hoops and Crosses a go and let us know what you think?


*This is a sponsored review of a product that has been sent to me for free. All opinions are honest and my own (or from the mouths of my mini Cupcakes of course)


  1. My Blogger timeline is awash with these Walkers crisps :P They look like Monster Munch xx

    1. Haha sorry! They do look them don't they!? x

  2. I love crisps made from corn! These sound quite yummy, I'll be on the lookout for them! Xo

    1. They're much better than normal crisps in my opinion! x

  3. now why did I read this, I fancy some now ;)

    Like the pictures :)