A-Z Challenge: Z

Z is for Zero Letters Left.

So there we have it. A whole load of blog posts for every letter of the alphabet. I hope I haven't bored anyone too much? In the beginning I lost 2 followers, but I soon gained 4 new ones and that's not counting Bloglovin so it's not all bad!

I actually really enjoyed myself on this challenge and might even sign up to blog every day in May with a few other fellow bloggers. I'm so pleased I've managed to complete the whole alphabet despite very low days and both of my children coming down with the darn chickenpox!!

Little A is now improving loads and Midge's spots are almost all gone which she is most pleased about! I'm still pretty sleep deprived but I'm pleased to say I've only stayed up way past my bedtime on 2 occasions to finish a blog post, I thought it would be so many more times!

I've since been in touch with some great bloggers who I now follow and will continue to read. I love how many comments I have received and how we have all now connected on other social networking sites too. I've also enjoyed chatting with my little sister who has also been taking on the A-Z Challenge as well. It's been fun!

Thanks for putting up with the everyday posts from me. I'm glad I did this challenge as I've manged to record some memories I might not have done. I've also made some great online friends too.Now to catch up with all the posts from other fab participants!



  1. Well I for one have loved your posts & getting to know you & your lovely family!
    Definitely still keep in touch! Xx

  2. Clever letter Z! Well done for getting to the end with all the chicken pox traumas and what not! It's been great to meet you and have enjoyed all your posts. One of these days I will be trying out your cookie recipe. It's not been an easy challenge but I'm so please to made new friends :) Looking forward to the mug swap too!


  3. Well done. You made it! Thanks for being and great blog buddy. Hope the kids are better soon xxx