A-Z Challenge- W

W is for Waiting

The last few days have been pretty awful. Today we reached breaking point with Little A and his chickenpox and phoned the GP. He is absolutely covered from head to toe in spots, some which look like they may be or may become infected. We tried every cream, lotion,potion and bath suggestion you can think of and nothing has helped my poor baby.

We did a lot of waiting for that phone call today but finally it came. Our wonderful GP gave up the last of her lunch hour to see Little A and give him a good once over. She even had a nice chat with Midge. Now we have some antibiotics and Sudocream seems to be working better than any other cream we've tried. He has quite a bad of case chickenpox so needless to say there has been lots of tears whilst waiting for medicines to kick in and lots of tears from me because I just want to help my baby.

Since this afternoon, Little A has picked up a lot more. Both him and Midge are tucked up in bed and he's already had longer than his usual half an hour stretch. I don't expect a good night, not for a few more days to be honest.

Tomorrow I'll be taking Midge to ballet and I will probably take her to Trevithick Day to see the steam engines before coming home to Jay and my boy. For now, I'm watching some TV, eating some dinner and waiting for my baby alarm to off.