A-Z Challenge: U

U is for Urges

Here are some of the urges I have experienced recently:

I have felt the urge to laugh at my daughter when she pulls that really stupid face before she bursts into a fit of fake tears and tantrums. I don't laugh (okay I do, but only when I'm in the kitchen and she's sat sulking in the lounge..) Seriously, how can you not laugh at a fake crying, tantrum throwing pudgy little face? It's sort of cute no?

I have felt the urge to punch the living hell out my husband for snoring in my ear hole several times this week already. He snores like a train and that is no exaggeration! I will say though that instead of performing some violent act on him he got moved to the sofa instead *insert big grin*

I have felt the urge to shove scooters and bicycle bells up places that don't see any sunshine. I despise the constant ringing of bells (stationary can I just add) being rung by teens hanging out on street corners and the juniors speeding by on their scooters running over feet and seemingly not even noticing...

* I am in a good mood today I promise*

I have also had the urge to throw things at my TV during Jeremy Kyle, This Morning and yet another episode of Max and bloody Ruby (Little A loves it so who am I to stop him watching it? Besides, he's poorly so wins all battles at the moment!)

I think that's enough urges for today. Have you had any 'urges' to do, go, see anything recently?