A-Z Challenge: O

O is for One Body. Learn to Love it.

I bet you can name all the parts of your body you dislike. Just for one moment I decided to stop thinking about all the things I don't like about my physical self and focus on all the parts of my body I do like. I tried to find positives in the parts that make me feel I'm not as attractive as I'd like to be for what ever reason. Here is what I came up with:

Thousands of words have passed through these lips of mine. Thoughts that I believed could never spill out into the spoken word tumbled out and helped me when I really needed that help the most. The amount of times I have said the words 'I love you.' 'You mean everything to me.' 'I miss you.' My lips, a part from my hands, were the first part of my body to touch my newborn children with a tender, loving kiss to their fragile little heads. I sealed my vows with these lips.

My breasts have obviously changed and will continue to do so as I age and change each year. My children were placed gently upon my chest as soon as they were born. They fed for the first few days, drinking their milk and placing a small finger to stroke my soft skin and comfort themselves. I chose to not continue with breastfeeding, my breasts never let me down if anything they begged me to bring my infants to them. I was too tired and too sore to face the discomfort but I have never felt my body has in any way let me down.

My stomach. The home to both of my children from conception until 39 and 38 weeks pregnant. What a wonderful job my body did in keeping my babies safe. Protecting them from knocks. How wonderful that my body grew to accommodate another life. My stretchmarks represent every month, every jab, kick, punch and flip my children did whilst growing inside me.

My hands. Where do you even begin? Each and every day I wake and reach out to my partner. To feel his physical presence. I feel my children's soft skin. Pinch their cheeks and run my fingers through their soft, blond hair. My hands hold theirs tightly, gripped with the responsibility of another life who could slip from me in a second. My hands; sometimes they hold my children so tight as if to say 'I'll never let you go.' My hands delivered my children into this world. My skin is changing, I can see it ageing but it doesn't matter.

There are other things I like. The freckles on my ears, the hidden mole on my head and the chicken pox scar on my chest that never went away. Those are the little things that no one would see unless they could get so amazingly close to appreciate my quirky additions. I love those too.

What do you love? I dare you to love your body today.



  1. Lovely post x

    I too have learned to love my body- warts and all.

  2. Hannah - this is beautiful!


  3. What a lovely post Hannah. Our bodies are amazing things and so much more than physically beautiful, they are a fully functioning, naturally occurring work of pure genius! You are wonderful just as you are. Inside, outside and upside down xxx

    1. Thank-you Kat my ever faithful friend!! haha xxx