A-Z Challenge- K

K is for Kisses

I'm more of a hugger than a kisser but there are a few moments when a kiss is the only thing that will do. I like to see a kiss that shows real love. Here are a few of mine.

Little A not even 24 hours old being held by his big sister who adored him the minute he came through the door. They have their moments but I can see how close they could become in the future.

Summer of 2012 at Grandma and Pop's house. Once again showing affection towards her younger brother. I've noticed that as they get older although close, I'm not catching as many kissing photos already!

This is a typical reaction by Little A if he's just not in a kissing mood!

Sealed with a kiss. Just after our wedding day last year we had a quick smooch in the back of the car before heading off to our venue. I love this photo, it's one of my favourites from our wedding day and will always be important to me.

Sometimes kissing is reserved for your family, for your partner and yes, even some people enjoy a good smooch with the pet but me? I like to go out on the pull every now and then:

We'll never speak of this again though right?
Who do you like a good smooch with?