Reasons to be Cheerful!

I appear to have taken a few days off from my little blog (unintentionally I must add) Seems getting my final course units in and being reluctant to move from the covers on my sofa unless absolutely necessary has put a brief halt on my ramblings.

Anyway I'm back now and here are my Reasons to be Cheerful for this week!

1. I've nearly finished all my course work, bought a new table which has made my kitchen feel so much more homely and boosted my creative juices again. I know it seems sad to be over the moon about a new table but honestly, if you can't celebrate the small things in life I feel for you!

2. We finally have the money to purchase our train tickets in June for our family adventure to Cambridge. We're all really excited (as I know I have mentioned before!) but it's rare for us to have a holiday and we intend to spend a good 5 days up there before coming back home. All I have to do is not spend said money and wait to actually be able to book the train tickets!

3) Today we accomplished one our Heartfelt Acts. I walked around our local shopping store and picked up some items with the children to pay for and deposit in the local Food Bank. It felt good to provide. There are a lot of strong opinions on who receives these boxes but I don't care. In my heart I believe that those who are in real need do benefit from these schemes. Young children, older children and the elderly are who I think of when I donate to these causes although no one deserves to not be able to have enough money to eat.

I'd like to add that my younger sister is home again next week which I'm obviously very happy about but (and I'm sorry for this 'but') I'm possibly even more excited at having a delicious dairy free Easter Egg next week and planning a mini egg hunt for my babies!

Hope you've all had a good week despite the weather!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. well done on the course work! I must remember to donate to our food bank when I next do my shopping..

  2. Well done on your course work :-) and have a fab Easter and enjoy the Easter egg hunt x