Scavenger Hunt Sunday


The Red String of Fate is an East Asian belief. It is said that the string will be tied around the ankle or wrist of those who are destined to meet one another or help each other in a certain way. I think it's a lovely belief.



Midge did some drawings for me a while ago and I've been meaning to post them on my blog. This seemed like a good opportunity.


I'm starting a collection of Care Bears because I love them so much! I have 2 teddy bears and one plush keyring. I'm hoping to collect many more!


Did you know, a bee relies on the texture of some flowers to find their 'reward'? I love bees!


  1. Nice shots - love the Asian belief!

  2. I like the Asian belief with the red twine and the drawings are delightful.

  3. I have been seeing the red string belief more and more. It is very popular among Madonna :)

    I'm not good w/ my flowers, but is that a daffodil? Beautiful!

  4. Nice set. I enjoyed the Asian shot and reading about the origin behind it.
    Your wavy shot is pretty, that is one of my favorite colors for a daffodil.
    Cute drawings.

  5. Love your wavy daffodil! Mine haven't bloomed quite yet and I can't wait! It may be a while longer because it actually snowed here this weekend!

  6. Super images for the prompts!
    I love the red string sentiment, both flower shots are lovely (good catch on the bee) and the drawing reminds me of my granddaughter who has begun to draw beyond scribbles. :) Love the heart face!
    Thanks for visiting today.

  7. I enjoyed seeing your photos.. That Daffodil is so beautiful. And so is that last shot. Such a great capture..


  8. Such sweet choices for this week!

  9. Didn't know that about bees! Interesting! I enjoy watching one at a time....I just get nervous if there is more than one. :)