Heartfelt Acts March

This months Heartfelt Acts were:

1.  Thank your police or fire department
2.  Leave 5 random notes of love or affirmation in different public places.

First I set about doing the random notes. It was actually really hard to think of some words of encouragement or meaning but in the end I wrote a couple of those, 2 'love' notes to 2 members of my family and I wrote lots of little notes for my Husband.

1. I've been a sufferer of social anxiety for many years. It's now something that I can more often than not control. I saw an excellent therapist at my local doctors surgery but what really helped me was a book from my local library. It's not a book that gets checked out often, but I hope when it is checked out the reader will like their little note.

2. My husband and I went for a meal with Little A whilst Midge was in school. It occurred to me that while no one was around I could place a little sticky note somewhere but where? The menus caught my eye so I stuck the note on and placed another menu in front so it would be a surprise for the next person to come to our table.

3. I placed an 'I love you' note in Midge's lunchbox so she wouldn't miss me so much when I went away on my climbing trip for Comic Relief. I really missed them but then Husband sent me this photo to my phone and I felt so much better.

 4. I went to my parent's house on Sunday and went to see their cat who sleeps on my sisters bed. She's away at university at the moment so now and then I find I miss her and would love a face to face chat. I looked about her room and noticed a huge board she'd crafted to keep hold of her important notes and cards. I didn't have my notes on me so ripped a piece of envelope, wrote a 'love' note and placed it on her board. I hope she likes it.

5. My final note (or rather notes) are for my Husband. He's a bit of a joker, a bit of a lad and sometimes so lazy it drives me insane but he's supportive,loving and forgiving which far out weigh his more negative traits!

The next thing we did was to buy an Easter card for our local police station. Midge drew a lovely picture with 'Thank-you for keeping us safe!' written on. Although we've never needed them personally, we have called them to report crimes in our local community and when ever they have knocked on our door to ask if we've seen or heard anything about a situation they are always friendly. The other thing I really like about our local police is how often they wave and smile at the children as we walk about town.

Thank-you drawing for our police officers

Finally, the task I promised I would complete this month was to help a local charity. Midge and I went to our local store where we stocked up on food items for our local food bank. It feels good to help those with less than ourselves.

Midge really enjoyed this task and proudly posed for photos
Helping to unload the food into the Food Bank box
For April, the tasks are:
1.  Forgive Someone. 
2.  Send a care package (ex.  military, friend or family member in college, for any friend just because).

I'm going to take this task as forgiving someone that has hurt me before. Not just forgiving my daughter for spilling my milk on my coursework for example. Those little things are easy to forgive. I send packages out every month but for April I will think really hard. 
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