A Day with Grandma and Pops!

Yesterday we had some fun with Grandma and Pops who live right by the sea (so jealous). We headed over in the morning and settled in by baking some gluten and dairy free Rice Crispie marshmallow bars which I saw on the lovely Melksham Mum's blog. They were absolutely delicious but I'm afraid we were too impatient to let the bars set! I've made some more tonight that's how addictive they are!

I started cooking dinner with my Mum when Little A popped his little self around the corner armed with his coat and shoes. Looks like someone wanted to go exploring! Midge set off first with Daddy because it took Little A and I a little longer to get ready but once we were all wrapped up it didn't take us long to find them!

We watched the seagulls trying to get some rest from the wind, waves crashing on the rocks and the boats gently bobbing about in the harbor which was closed off due to the sea becoming a bit rough. We walked almost to the bottom talking about the sea, how lovely it would be to rent a cottage for a week (or just simply live there!) before we decided to head back home and check on the roast.

Dinner was delicious. Midge had got Daddy to put a Thomas Tank DVD on for Little A and herself so we watched that whilst eating our roast in silence. Grandma served up a really, really good apple crumble (I hope she blogs it when she's ready!) covered in soya custard and cream. We didn't leave until it was almost half past five and we thought the children needed to be getting ready for bed.

We had a such a nice day and Midge was really worn out eventually going to bed and staying there until this morning. Little A unfortunately didn't have such a good night and ended up with us twice before settling again in his room. Tomorrow I'll blog about our first sensory dish we tried out before eating our tea this evening. It was actually lot of fun and Little A especially liked it. I think it brought back fun memories for Midge because we used to always do creative things together before Mummy got all stressy and uptight. Bad Mummy!!

I hope you all had a nice weekend? Are we ready for the Easter holidays!?



New Mum Online said...

That pic of the sea looks so so real I felt as if I was there.

I also would like to be by the sea.

Beginning of December me and Aaron spent the weekend with my friend in Folkestone and beginning of February we spent two days at the sea near Brighton with @AnyaHarris01.

I LOVE the sea; like you I would love to live there.

Great photos.

Liska xx

New Mum Online said...

P.S. you said "I hope she blogs it".
Does Grandma have a blog? How cool!

Unknown said...

Sounds great! I am aiming to do a few more messy things with the boys too rather than being stressy and uptight! xx

MBags said...

Days like that with family are so special1 It's good that you write about it and take photos. Now that I'm thousands of miles from my children and grandchildren, those memories keep me going. Enjoy the moments! :)

Emmy said...

What an awesome weekend! Love the sea pictures- such great captures. Now I am really wanting some rice krispie treats.

Hannah said...

Thanks Em, go on make some they're delicious! x

Hannah said...

Wow, so glad the photo made you feel like that :) I miss living near the sea but i'm sure one day i'll be pulled back to the countryside. And yes, Grandma does have a blog! Grandma'slittlecorner.blogspot.com it's only just been made so nothing up yet i'm hoping she gets to grips with it soon ! xx

Hannah said...

I know what you mean, sometimes I just can't be dealing with it. I feel bad though! xx

Hannah said...

Thank- you :) I'm so glad I have this blog, i'm recording so much x