Time Out

Myself and Husband have been talking about taking a family break. It doesn't matter where, we just feel that it's time to start considering a nice holiday for this year. Now, if you read my blog you'll know that I'm off pretty soon with some other fabulous bloggers to climb Mount Snowdon. I'm actually going to treat this as my own little break (after all I'll get a full nights sleep which is rare!)

Husband has something planned with his football mates at some point this year too so we both get an individual 'night off.' What we both really want however, is to take one of those good old short break holidays. Oh to pack up those dusty suitcases (it's been 2 years) and head off to a chosen destination leaving work, housework, endless lists of bills and meal plans behind. I spend an awful long time some nights browsing through different holiday sites lusting after holiday homes, cosy cabins and even some pretty nice caravan parks! We've made a bit of a goal for 2013 to have a real family holiday and I hope we can achieve this with some planning, sacrificing of luxuries and topping up that good old 'holiday fund' jar that's stashed (somewhere) in the house!

There are plans though. Exciting plans. Plans that really will make a family holiday become an actual huge family gathering of sorts. In June, my Aunt and Uncle who live in the beautiful countryside of Cambridge, hold a mini music festival. When we last went up (in 2011) Little Man was only a baby and now he's bigger and doesn't require so much 'luggage' I know if we managed to work it out right we could hot foot it up there for one of those much needed midweek breaks I hear people talk about.

 I can just see it now...Little Man and Midge dancing to the drums and guitars in the mud, laughing and running around with all their other cousins. Husband and I could chat and catch up and even though it isn't cabins or holiday parks (although it is caravans and tents!) and it isn't hot, beaming sun or fun, twisting slides, it would still be such an amazing holiday.

Tiny Little Man on his first holiday
June 2011
Midge and Little Man loved their home for the holiday!
A beautiful Cambridge sunset
 Are you planning a family break this year? If so where to? Are you, like us, pinching the pennies wherever possible for that one week of de-stress? I'd love to know!


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