Reasons To Be Cheerful

I really haven't enjoyed my week at all this week but as ever I can pick a highlight from every day, even if it was those 3 yummy pancakes smothered in chocolate spread I ate for dinner last night (it was a bad day!) please click the badge below to venture over to our lovely host who is taking over R2BC while Michelle has a break.

1) One of the best reasons to be cheerful this week is my impending trip to Wales to climb Mount Snowdon with a whole bunch of other lovely bloggers. I'm really excited (and very nervous) to be joining in with Team Honk and raising some money for Red Nose Day.

2) Today is the last day of school which means I can be lazy as anything again for a whole week. No more lunch box packing or homework checking, just relaxing and hopefully having some fun!

3) I received a lovely Tweet this morning saying my surprise gift had arrived. Knowing that you've 'made someone's week' is a really great feeling.

Look out for a new post soon on my A Year in Gifts 2013!

I hope everyone has had a good week and if not, why not join in with this link up? You really will find something to be cheerful about.



Elizabeth said...

Lovely reasons despite a tough week :) x

Sarah said...

Awww, lovely reasons. Bless you making someones weeks! And yay for the half term, my am I glad I don't have to do school runs for a whole week LOL. Have a lovely weekend x

Hannah said...

Thanks! Just picked little one up from school (fighting has already started!) but bring it on!! Hope your half term is good too xx

Hannah said...

Thanks hun, have a nice weekend x

seasiderinthecity said...

Aw lovely, I hope this week has been better. I really wanted to do Snowdon but just can't organise the logistics. Good luck
Thanks for joining in x

Hannah said...

It's turned out to be a bit of a logistical nightmare for a few people so i wouldn't worry too much! Thanks xx