Me? Climb A Mountain?

Yes, actually I am. I'm joining the fabulous Team Honk and a good handful of other people to trek up Mount Snowdon. Yes, me. Me who gave up on The 30 Day Shred by day 4. Me, who eats entire packs of Jaffa Cakes in under 15 minutes. Me, who is petrified of heights.

I'll be going with my good friend and fellow blogger, Kat whose blog you can find here. We're both on a more giving mission this year and I think helping to raise money for Comic Relief is just one more way of giving back. Comic Relief helps both those in the UK and Africa. 

So, as CupcakeMumma, I'm on the look out for some pink walking boots along with all the other trekking paraphernalia I'll need (I don't really 'do' exercise- heaven help me!) 

Wish us all luck!


  1. That's amazing...well done and good luck x

  2. I challenge you to eat a pack of jaffa cakes in under 15 minutes WHILST climbing a mountain!! We'll have a ball! YeeeHaaaaaw xxx