A Letter for Midge

You're 5 years old tomorrow my precious little girl and each day you change that little bit more.

Right now you love Max and Ruby because you like rabbits and find the accent funny. You like Disney Princesses and are still as creative as you've ever been! My house is full of lid-less pens and unsharpened pencils complete with notepads and paper taking up each corner of the home!

You hug your brother tightly everyday after school, it's clear to me you miss each other and have a close bond. I hope it stays that way for a long time. You both share a bedroom and can't sleep without the other, that's quite sweet because I know in time you'll be desperate for your own space and Daddy and I will be contemplating wall partitions!

You're enjoying school a lot and make me so proud. You particularly like maths and sadly find reading boring! You love writing though so there's still hope for English!

You ask me every week if we can change your brother into a girl and when I explain that no, we can't, you then lecture me on the many reasons why you must have a little sister. We'll come back to that one in a few years I think!

I'm very much looking forward to watching you turn 5 Midge. I'm looking forward to seeing you dance and have fun when Sunday comes and all your little friends pile in our small home for your rainbow themed party. I've made things extra special for you Midgey, I hope you like it.

We had a tough start you and I my wonderful little girl. There was even a time I thought leaving you with your Daddy was the best thing I could do. But Mummy would've been so very sad. It may have been hard and there's still some tough times ahead, I just know you're going to be a tough cookie and a little stubborn like Mummy but I won't ever want to change you.
You Midge, gave Mummy direction, a meaning when I felt I was nothing. It's because of you Midge that I'm studying, that Mummy and Daddy are so happy in our little home with your younger brother and you. It's because of you Midge, that I faced my worst fears with anxiety and depression.

I love you Midge, with all my heart.
Happy Birthday.
Love Mummy XxxX