Midge Turns 5!

On Wednesday 16th I stayed up late preparing cake, wrapping gifts and putting up decorations. Why? Because our Midge was going to turn 5! We woke up bright and early to have pancakes for breakfast (just the two of us) and when Daddy came down Midge opened her long awaited for gifts:

She also got a brand new bike, a fab drawing of Doctor Who by her Uncle, 2 Disney dolls, a baby you can dress up and some onesies (plus more!)

Midge opened her cards (she adores getting post and often opens mine!) before getting her uniform on and heading off to school. Three other children in her class had birthdays too which surprised me! They ate butterfly cakes and received a 'Happy Birthday' card from the school which is something for the memory box.

Later on, Daddy made the Birthday Girls requested dinner: egg and soldiers! Fortunately I put in a request for homemade fish and chips so also thoroughly enjoyed my dinner too. We did the singing and blowing out of the candles which Midge enjoyed, despite Little Man coming in for a blow!

Later on Midge started feeling unwell and ended up off school the next day. Today I had to cancel the long awaited for rainbow party and hope all her friends can still come next week instead. We had a lovely cuddle though which got me thinking that actually, she may be 5, and as much as she already dislikes it, she'll always be my baby.

Happy Birthday Midge xxxx


  1. Happy Birthday Sweetie, hope you all had a fabulous day xxx

  2. Aww sounds like a lovely day :) Hope she is better now though!

    Happy Birthday Midge :)