Our 5th of November Fun

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm not all that keen on Bonfire Night. However, I seem to have had a change of heart all of a sudden. Seeing Midge and Little Man get all excited when they heard the bangs outside and Midge desperately peering out the window to see the fireworks, seems to have made me feel a little different about the event.

We started off by wanting to make toffee apples...but I didn't have enough of the essential ingredients. So, we looked for some chocolate in order to make chocolate covered apples! I didn't have any chocolate in the cupboard either...I did have marshmallows though! We melted our marshmallows (which I wasn't sure you could do and am slightly annoyed that you can do this after buying the American marshmallow Fluff for £2.99 over the last few months) I have to say, marshmallow apples beat toffee and chocolate apples hands down for me! 

After we had dinner and had tucked into some marshmallow apples we went into the front room, turned the lights and TV off and whipped out our glow sticks! Little Man had such a great time playing with the glow sticks and went absolutely nuts dancing around with them. Midge had a great time swishing them around and letting me take photos of her in action!

I really love how these photos turned out. I Can't wait to show Midge tomorrow.

Finally, as there were no firework displays we could get to this year we went into our back garden and lit some sparklers. This is the second time Midge has had a go on the sparklers and she was much more confident this year. Standing there waving her hand about but watching her brother's every move was lovely to see. She did stay very close to her pot of water as well which was oh so sensible! 

When the children were in bed I managed to sneak outside for 5 minutes to watch some fireworks in the distance. It was quite nice having a bit of fresh air and some 'me time.' I must admit that the fireworks were totally rubbish but I was very far away so they weren't going to be amazing and were very low. Our sparklers more than made up for that though.

Bonfire Night may not be my favourite celebration of the year, but I like it a lot more than I used to! What did you get up to tonight? I'd love to see your posts.


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  1. Sparklers are by far the best thing about fireworks nights - my toddler called them 'sparklies' he watched through the window as still a little dubious but Madam was brave and enthusiastically made beautiful whirly patterns for him :) xx