A Whiz of a Week and Bonfire Plans

I'm finding it hard to believe its been half term this week. We haven't done anything very half term like (going out to places and doing 'stuff' for example) but it seems to have just whizzed past at record speed!

We had our amazing party on Halloween which was enjoyed by all and ended October in a really lovely way. The children hadn't been together properly for a long time since they ended up going to separate schools so seeing them all playing and bonding was just lovely.
I always enjoy hosting a little get together, making sure everything is perfect for my guests big and small! I think the day was a hit and the children seemed to enjoy it which is the main thing!

We'll be going out on a walk tomorrow to collect feathers, leaves and other things as part of Midge's homework. We've been doing a bit of reading but I've noticed not actively getting her book out and reading with her everyday has set her back a bit. I feel terribly bad for this but know she'll be back up to speed in no time at all. Lesson learnt!

As Bonfire Night is on Monday and the Husband works evenings there will be no firework displays for my 2 this year. The reason for this is the firework display is a bus ride away now it's darker and I'm not going there on my own, in the dark with 2 toddlers, one of which I have no idea how will react to the noise!
We've decided instead to a nice, low key celebration tomorrow. We'll have a tasty roast dinner, get some little sparklers and I've still got some glow sticks from the Halloween party so we'll turn the lights off and go crazy with the glow sticks! I think some crafts should come out too.

What are your plans for Bonfire Night? As you can see it's not really a big deal for me. Some people hate Halloween but I'm the opposite. I love Halloween and quite dislike Bonfire Night! Idiots being allowed to purchase fireworks and terrible stories of people drinking too much and posting them through letter boxes has left me a bit 'couldn't care less' where this celebration is concerned. Still, there's a history lesson to be had here and if I try to celebrate in some way every year, my children will asks questions and learn about old Guy Fawkes and his plot.

I shall leave you now because I have a date with a rather yummy looking rice pudding!



  1. I love Halloween too and always had parties for the kids when they were younger. Now we have our Granddaughter every Halloween so we make it special for her. As for bonfire night, we always had fireworks at home. It was something I always did with my Mum, but since we lost her we dont bother now. We might go to a display this year, but like you I'm not that fussed x

  2. What a fab post and I simply love her face - it is so so well done x