Fitting It All In

'There's always time, you just have to make it..'

You know when there are so many things you want to do and yet there feels like there's no time at all to do it? That feeling you get when you walk around your home and see the laundry pile that is crying out to be folded and put away, the children's room is a mess and your rooms are all start eyeballing everything, contemplating chucking it all away. At least then you could do what you really want to do.

I really need to exercise. At the same time I need to eat dinner and run up and down the stairs at least 6 times to get my children to nod off. After all the washing up, laundry tasks, popping to the shops (all the day to day stuff) I really just want to pop my feet up with a hot chocolate at the end of the day.

I also want to craft. I love taking part in swaps and I want to make my own Christmas cards this year. Then there's studying which is a priority really. Not that I've picked up my books in 2 weeks...Naughty, naughty..I don't think I have too much to do. Not really. It's just that I want to do all the fun things all the time and all the crappy stuff gets in my way! Not to mention my quilt and sofa are much more appetising than walking around this drafty house doing chores!

How do you 'fit it all in'? Do you? Do you sacrifice those boring chores in favour of a quick crafty session? Or do you feel you have to get everything done before settling down to projects, dinner and work outs? I'd love to know!