November Pinaddicts Make!

Another month, another crafty challenge using inspiration from pinterest. This month I knew exactly what my focus would be: Thanksgiving. I know I'm not American, Canadian, German but once upon a time Thanksgiving was celebrated in England (thinking back to Henry VIII) but is long something thought of as a tradition done by our friends across the pond. My thinking, however, is that everyday I have something to be thankful for, so this year myself and my family WILL be bringing Thanksgiving into our home. Why not?

To tie in with my Thanksgiving idea of having the family over, I wanted to make a calender like this:

"Give thanks board"... For the month of November. Very cool to do with your kids :)
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The idea (which i had already. I just wanted to see how people had made their own calenders) is to insert a card into an envelope and write something you're thankful for on that particular day. I had some red cards left over from my wedding so I halved them (they're mini cards from Ebay which are great and a perfect size) I used thick cardboard for the back (in the original it is wood which is what I would've done had I been able to get some!)

I covered my cardboard in parcel paper and stuck my halved envelopes onto it. I then used glitter pens to write numbers on the envelopes to make it all sparkly and lovely. I added sequins and hearts to finish the look off before cutting white card into little rectangles and slotting them inside the halved envelopes.
What do you think?

So far we have written: 
1st November
Midge: I am thankful for a really good sleep.
Mummy: For getting all the great Christmas gifts today!

2nd November
Midge: For going out today shopping!
Mummy: For my lovely lay in from Daddy and my delicious tea!
(Daddy works evenings so hasn't written his Thanks yet!)

I hope you like our Give Thanks calender and view some more fab makes from my other fellow Pinaddicts!