Ballet and Birthday Parties

Saturday was a busy day for those of us in the Cupcake House. I usually grab a good lay in on a Saturday, being that it's the day where Husband gets to play his football and then go to the pub until the evening, but this time I didn't have much luck! I may* have woken up in a bit of a panic remembering that Midge had her first ballet lesson today and I had to compete with the 'ballet mums,' who in my mind were going to be looking oh so wonderful...I had greasy hair and had fallen asleep in my slippers- i needed a shower!
*I definitely did

Midge and I had a mad rush to get to ballet on time. I had agreed to meet a Mum friend whose daughter has joined the same ballet class in the hope we wouldn't be late due to my bad geography. As it was she was running late so we both turned up just in time, ushered our girls into the hall whilst being gawped at by the awaiting mums (who turned out on the most part to be completely normal and not so well groomed as I had initially assumed) phew.

Midge cried for the first 10 minutes then spent 5 minutes clinging on to me with her thumb in her mouth as I attempted to balance on one foot and demonstrate how to jump gracefully on tiptoes. I wasn't the only Mum subjected to looking like a prat so I didn't feel too stupid and besides, I always wanted to be a ballerina and the teacher was suitably happy with me (insert big grin).

By the end of the lesson Midge was pretty happy and had enjoyed herself. I'll keep up the lessons for now to see if she can settle better. At the moment she's just shy but as time goes on she won't be such a new face and will hopefully feel able to let me put my feet up and sleep watch. 

The second half of our day was spent at a little boys birthday party. All the Mums from reception invite the whole class so now Midge wants a nice big party just like all the other children. It's great to see them all running around but as a Mum who doesn't get welcomed into the folds I'm always dreading these parties slightly.

This party was actually pretty comfortable. I was spoken to by several different Mums and ignored by the usual. I befriended the children's entertainer who was a lovely lady and Little Man cracked me up with his groovy moves (which I videoed for future bribery) I always secretly enjoy watching the children of the mums who ignore have to deal with a hyped up child screaming because they didn't win pass the bloody parcel when my daughter is over the moon with a Starburst sweet. (Insert another big grin- I'll get wrinkles at this rate)

Saturday was a good day. I even got to scold Husband for turning up nearly 2 hours later than usual. Turned out he had got carried away planning this weekends drinking session whilst watching the football. It was okay, I was cranky because I was worried when he didn't phone or text back. I'm an awful worrier! We made up and had a nice relaxing evening together.

Mum and Dad had the children on Sunday which was a day of house clearing for the Husband and I. I'm going to do a separate blog post on that to show off some of our homely finishing touches which have cheered me up no end! I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!



  1. Lovely! Good luck with the ballet. I'm a fun who always feels I struggle to fit in too! There's actually a lot of mums who fe that way, so you can 'not fit in' together!

    1. Yey! I can fit in with the non fitters! Thank you for the comment :)

  2. She's so adorable! Lovely family! x