A Half Term Saved By DKLToys

Our Half term was getting a bit boring by the end. We hadn't really done anything, hadn't adventured out all that much and were getting pretty bored of baking (yes, it does pain me to admit this!) We were saved from our boredom however by DKLToys, who sent us a lovely package of toys to review! 

There was a toy for Little Man and a toy for Midge. Midge opened the parcel (her favourite bit!) and pulled out some Miniland toys. First we have a Miniland Clock. This clock is a handy size for your toddler to carry around. Midge has taken to placing it on her pillow and wakes up every morning asking, "Mummy, what's the time?" to which I reply, " 7 o'clock." She'll tiptoe back into her bedroom and return a few minutes later with her little clock adjusted to the right time.

Midge is 4 years old so it's not necessary for her to learn to tell the time. What I like about this product is it makes them want to learn. There is a set of cards provided with the clock which allow you to help your child learn the time. Not only do the cards provide you with the diagram to help your little one move the hands correctly, it also states the time digitally and both in a daytime and nighttime format.

The only thing with this product is it doesn't hold attention for long. If there is a more exciting toy or activity in the room, the clock will quickly be cast aside. Having said that, the cards are always about the house and the clock, as I said before, is kept on Midge's bed which means she is always curious about what time it is and how to show this on the clock. That can only be a good thing in my opinion!

Midge was really in to the clock for quite some time before joining her brother
and playing with his toys.

The second product we were sent was Miniland Giantte. This is a set of building cups with numbers on. There is also a lid and shapes to practice that good old shape slotting technique. Little Man is 20 months old so this is a product which I knew he'd enjoy and which he can continue to enjoy and benefit from for quite some time.

 We had a go at slotting the shapes into the bucket but this didn't hold his attention for very long. I left him to play by himself and with Little Miss before having a go at building the tower with him.
Turning the bucket upside down, the cups are numbered 1-9 which is great. You can count together with your toddler and your toddler can start to recognise the numbers. As Little Man is too young to count and recognise numbers just yet, I counted them out loud whilst handing the cups to him. I believe it's never too early for number and alphabet learning.

My two played together for nearly an hour with no squabbling! Midge helped Little Man to build the tower, counting the numbers as she went. I enjoyed leaving them to it for a bit and loved how this one toy brought them together. Most children love building towers and from counting to shape sorting to naming colours, its a really great educational toy. I have no faults with the product at all.

We were also sent an animal mask to make and show off which I will post as soon as Little Miss and I can have some one on one time so please do look out for that if you have some crafty creatives amongst you!

Cupcake Mumma

* I was sent 3 products from DKLToys to review during the half term. As always, all opinions and photos are my own and not influenced in any way*

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