Strawberry Gift Swap

Another month gone, another crafting swap down. This time with Popular Crafts the theme was 'Strawberries' which did get my brain going until I browsed Ebay and came across some lovely strawberry fabric.
It didn't take me to long to sit down for the night and make a little something for my fellow crafter. I started off with hand-sewing a small heart. It looked pretty plain so I went through my slightly dwindling button selection and picked out the oddest one I could fine (not sure why just felt right!) I then attached some ribbon to the top, so this lovely little heart can be hung up somewhere nice.

I have recently bought a mini sewing machine but unfortunately it appears be faulty. I managed to sew this cute little cushion for my swap partner although it took forever with machine problems! Thankfully it's nearly birthday time and my parents are hunting out a suitable one for me!

Finally, when you sign up to a crafting swap with Popular crafts, as well as making some lovely homemade goodies you also get to pop to the shops and find a little extra something for your swap partner for under £3. I know I already made a cushion but when I saw this one in The Works and knew my partner would be moving home soon, I thought it would be perfect. Hopefully she doesn't mind having two of the same thing but as a new crafter I get a bit stuck on things to make and cushions appear to be my signature item right now!

I'm looking forward to next months Letters swap now and also my Mug Swap that has started as of today! Happy Swapping!



  1. What lovely makes!

  2. These are fab! And my mug went this morning :o))

    1. Oh lovely! Can't wait to see these mugs! x