A Weighty Issue

I've become a bit of a lardy bum recently and it's not something I'm proud of. I try pretty hard to feel good within myself and not let on how sometimes I feel like a big sack of doggy do when I step out in my jeans and a t-shirt that I can feel is getting just a bit too tight.

I think today I may have found some of that long awaited motivation to get healthy and exercise more. I have also found my love of baking which means cooking doesn't seem so much of a chore anymore. Last week I actually made some vegetable fish cakes for tea. Midge didn't touch them as per usual but I've just surrendered to her to be honest. One day she'll eat more foods and be less picky, for now I try my best to not mix her foods and give her foods I know she likes. No more stressing.

I have finally settled on trying out a Pilate's DVD I have stashed away amongst my films and books which I hope will be something in my effort to loose some weight! I have tried a lot of exercise DVDs and just don't have the space (or the TV in a perfect position) to do them anymore. I get fed up, storm off and never look at that DVD again. Tell a lie, I happily watch them drop into the charity bag at the end of the month! I find yoga terribly 'i'd rather watch paint dry' boring however, I'm really hoping i can have more patience with Pilate's. I'll also be adding some sit ups because my hips and tummy are getting a bit out control!

I've given up buying my weekly celebrity magazines because the front page will praise a woman for embracing her curves then turn around a week later and say 'look whose eaten all the pies' or 'she's so thin' *shock* some people can be skinny too and it be the most annoying thing in the world! I hate celeb magazines and have thoroughly given them the old heave ho.

Wish me luck on this new journey of mine won't you? My motivation is appalling even though I'm not entirely happy right now. I'll just continue getting bigger if I don't start to work on this now. Goodluck if you're also taking up healthier ways.