Five Things to be Reincarnated As:


This week Kate has got us thinking really hard about who or what we'd like to come back as when our time is done. Interesting... Here are my top 5 things to be reincarnated as:

1) A cat. I've seen this listed a lot actually and it's really not surprising. I would say a cat is my favourite animal. Hopefully I'd be in a really nice home where i could sleep and eat and come and go as I please. What. A. Life.

2) A star. I sort believe we already become stars when we pass away. I sort of hope this is true I mean, what a view! It would also be very sweet to be pointed at like we do with Midge and say 'Super Nanny is a star in the sky,' It would be quite nice I think. 

3) A very much loved teddy bear. I would travel everywhere with my little companion and get to sleep in utter comfort knowing how loved I am. When my companion grows up maybe I'd still be kept on a shelf or something or maybe passed on to be loved again? It's a nice idea!

4) A camera. A very nice posh camera. Imagine the things I'd see? I'm thinking of beautiful scenery, happy families, little babies, wonderful photoshoots of baby showers and weddings..Hopefully nothing 'homemade'.....

5) A Penguin. I know I hate the cold but if I was a penguin I really wouldn't care. Or maybe I could be one in a park, after all, the penguins at Paradise Park seem to be happy enough..they get fed fish, dip in and out of the pool as they like and people love them. Who doesn't want to be loved?

There I've done it. I wonder if any of this happens? I bet I come back as a lemon or something *sulks*