Craft Box Time!

I have seriously been waiting weeks for Crafty Creatives new box full of goodies to arrive and finally today was the day! With an immense Halloween theme there is so much potential for amazing things to be created!

Opening this parcel was like Christmas had come early! There's fabric, cards, kits, rings and so much more. Best £10 I spend each month I'm telling you!

Gothic windows from America and a silver wing pendant which I think I'll make into a simple keyring. There are also 2 keys and non woven fabric which is really easy to work with.

Black lace which is just gorgeous, 3 large, purple resin roses which I have plans for. There is some spider web mesh in a lovely golden colour which is great for both Halloween and Autumn and a glass cabochon which I have never actually seen let alone use but it will become a lovely necklace.

In the 'Boo' envelope there is a handful of studs which can really punk up any fabric. Those colourful skull beads are just great aren't they? I'll be making them into a piece of jewelry as well. There were some feathers and pictures which are Halloween themed and vintage. Nice touch. 

Here you can see the cards better. I love the Halloween one so I think I might be able to use them on cards as little mementos for the children who are coming to our Halloween party. You can also see the 2 rings which actually look pretty cool on their own but as they are blank definitely need that 'something.' I have ideas but need more equipment!

What I didn't take a photo of is this months kit which is a rather fabulous masquerade mask! We have been provided with a template, fabric paint and ribbon. All I provide is the clingfilm which I'm happy with! Look out for this make soon!



  1. Wow, I never knew you could get crafty kits! What a brilliant surprise gift every month. Seems well worth £10 to me! Might just have a look into that. Happy crafting xxx

    1. It's a really great surprise and you can make whatever you want with the bits provided! It's 12.95 including postage which is just brilliant. xxx

  2. That's fantastic! Think I might save my pennies and subscribe too! Xx

  3. You should Emma it's great!x