I Want...

(It's actually 'I would like' but I'm not going to argue..) I have been tagged by the rather lovely Natalie to give you a list of a few things that I want right now. This very minute. Or something to that effect!

1. Right now I want my poorly Little Man to feel better and my lovely Midge to carry on doing so well at school. They're both growing away like nobodies business and I just want them to carry on being two great, little ,happy characters and preferably for the rest of their lives.

2. I want my husband to PUT SOME DAMN SHELVES UP in my bedroom and bathroom. I am so sick of asking him..would you?

3. I want these:
Russian Doll Measuring Cups
Really sweet russian doll measuring cups. My birthday is coming so.... 

4. I want my first Mug Swap to be a success. I have 22 people in total and all have been e-mailed their partners so here goes!

5. I want husband to lift the sofa so I can retrieve the base coat nail polish that Little Man threw under there a while ago. I would do this myself but I seem to have done my lower back in and don't fancy making it worse!! My nails have been painted so much and without said base coat that they have been dyed ORANGE. Don't worry, it fades. But isn't attractive.

6. I really want some new clothes/money for new clothes. Oh and to loose weight so I can fit into some size 12 jeans again and be less flabby. I may break the Pilate's DVD out tonight if Little Man can refrain from messing his nappy yet again.. *sigh*

I'm sure I could go on but I shall not. Instead, I shall tag three other lovely people:
Kat at Katsighs and

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  1. Ooh I've been tagged in something :D Also, did you include me in the mugswap? xxxx

  2. Oooops, I think I missed this but will do it as soon as I can. Bet it ends up being all sleep and chocolate ha ha!! xxx