Chalkboard Cupboard

I've been making little touch ups to some of my rooms in the house lately and my highest priority has been my kitchen. I've added some new bunting and ornaments and now I've come up with an idea that is really quite popular at the moment. I have created a little chalkboard cupboard for the children to draw on!

As I live in rented accommodation black board paint (and painting the cupboards) are out of the question. So I donned my thinking cap and had a walk around town. I was in my local bargain store when I saw some stick on paper. As luck would have it, it was black board paper! I never even knew it existed so I bought the last roll and headed home.

I placed the roll on the side of my most hideous cupboard (old tenants have done some questionable damage to this house in some places) even having a little spare for the very bottom which just finishes it off I think.

I got out some scraps of felt and some embellishments left over from my wedding, drew around a butterfly biscuit cutter and stuck it all together to make these lovely, colourful butterflies. I think they give the whole design a prettier look!

I'm actually really pleased with the results of this idea. I'm hoping the shop gets some more in stock so I can add to another, smaller cupboard to write the weekly menu on. The children love their new creative space (and Little Man has stopped drawing with crayon on my kitchen floor!) so I'm happy.
What do you think?