Cupcakes and Crafting

This week is National Cupcake Week and I'm sure you'll agree with me that it would be shameful for someone so obsessed with cupcakes not to join in with many other people over the UK this week in baking some of these delicious little treats.

Tonight the children finally gave me a break and decided to sleep. I whipped out my utensils and bowls and very quickly put together these vegan and gluten free vanilla, blackberry cupcakes with a vanilla icing topped with dairy free fudge. The fudge was from Archie Browns, a health food shop found in Truro, St.Austell and Penzance in Cornwall. 

 All cooled down and pipped with thick butter icing. I'm so pleased my mixer didn't wake the children! Sprinkled with fudge which is so rich I'm not even remotely tempted to pick at it after chopping it all up.

Packed and ready for our long road trip tomorrow.

Now, onto my crafting. When I bought curtains for my front room windows I was really annoyed (and a bit confused) as to why there are no ties to tie back the curtains during the day. I thought this was just a done thing but apparently more companies are selling them separately. Go figure.

Anyway, after months of making do with scruffy hanging curtains I had some what of a 'light bulb' moment and raced to my cupboard of bits and bobs. I dug out my jewelry, found some wire used for bracelets, picked out some beads that would match my curtain colour (grey) and all the other essentials (scissors, flat nose pliers and some 'spacing beads')

 I wrapped the wire around my curtain to get an idea of the length, adding a bit on to allow for a small ring to hook over a curtain hook. I placed the beads, 8 main beads and enough to allow for a nice splash of colour. 

They really do suit my curtains and make such a difference. Now I can arrange my curtains just how I like, the sun can flood in and it's just another little bit of 'pretty' to add to our home. As you can tell, the lounge is next on my hit list!


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