Road Trip

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen a few Tweets from a very unsocial hour (try 3am) just before being collected by the parents and younger sister for our 7 hour road trip to Keele University. I'm already missing my sister like mad but it must be all in my head because I never saw her loads when she lived down here! I think it's about her being so far way with no family around.

We set off in total darkness, had a few debates which were really not suitable for such early hours and eventually both my sister and I took a half hour kip trapped under her full length mirror and other student must haves! When I woke up the sun was breaking through the clouds and the day was finally beginning!

We arrived in good time and set about getting my sister all set up. The process was actually surprisingly quick and even the ques for party tickets and freshers passes weren't that long. I found myself getting excited and I wouldn't even be staying!

Bracelet to be kept on all week to get into
all Freshers events!
After all the excitement of becoming a proper signed up new student we located the accommodation blocks and began unloading. We all took it in turns to take bits and bobs up the 3 small flights of stairs to my sister's room which is a lovely size (it's bigger than the bedroom she's had to leave behind) There's plenty of storage space, a nice big desk, phone all ready to go and a lovely view with a tree to the left which actually gives her some privacy. The block she's in is at least a couple of miles from the actual campus so it's like she's totally removed from the university and actually in the countryside. I'll be visiting!!

It didn't take long to get all of the car unloaded and I helped put things into place. We're both pretty organised little beings so I don't think she'll move too much stuff that I put out. When the bed was made and all the boxes flat packed her room looked lovely and cosy. All it needs now are some photos on the notice boards and a little homely touch. 

The first items to be removed from storage! Sourz, I am told,
have already been consumed!
I snapped a photo of the campus as we were walking to her blocks. It's so peaceful and lovely I really hope she'll be happy there. I could see myself immersing into crafting communities and eating cupcakes on the lawn!  

After unloading the car we took my sister off for some much need first week shopping! Seeing all the lost students was such a funny sight. Everyone was having the same conversations about how to use a washing machine, what were dryer sheets and how do you use them? Do I need this, that and the other (usually a 'no' from the wise parent). 

We've been lucky in that we've always had to muck in with the washing up and laundry. Because our parents have never been 'well off' like so many we've learnt to budget and prioritise and save for the luxuries. I don't live by this all time though, life's for living after all!

 The shopping came to a reasonable price given we bought items in bulk so she won't have to spend much over the next few weeks. My sister is really adamant on using meats and vegetables from the local market on campus so I hope they are offering students a good deal to enjoy the fresher foods.

We left my sister at 3pm making one stop on the way. I think I fell asleep for another half hour about 10 minutes into the journey. My phone didn't die until we were an hour from home which was good going considering I had been busy on Twitter and reading blogs during the journey up! 

We made one stop at 'Road Side Chef' which was OK. Nothing amazing but then where can you stop on a road side that will be 'amazing!?' My Dad asked us to buy him something, 'just not a burger,' he said. That was a problem seeing as we were standing right in front of the only shop open which a huge sign displaying the name 'The Burger Bar'! Mum and I grabbed some fries and picked Dad up a surprise Krispy Kreme. I hate the fact I can't eat these delicious looking doughnuts but apparently it was 'Yeah very nice. Professional like,' nom nom nom....Hmmmm

I've since heard there's already been a bit of partying and a rather successful comedy night on campus. I'm really pleased my sister has already made friends and I haven't contacted her yet. Breathing space and all that! I'm writing her a letter tonight so hopefully she'll get that and put drinking aside to give me all the weekend gossip and details of upcoming excitement! She better be getting me some freebies while she has such a great opportunity!

If you'd like to read all about my sisters lead up to leaving for university you can do so here. When she has the Internet up and running again you'll be able to read more of her thoughts as a new student as well as lots of tips which will be handy for any newbie students.



  1. Hi Hannah! Looks like you've been busy. Your sister is lucky to have you.

    Btw, I was trying to reply to your comment in my post and then I noticed that you're a "no reply blogger". Just thought you'd want to know.

    1. Hey Claire I have indeed!! Thanks :)

      I didn't know this and not sure how to fix it! I've looked about with no luck! Thanks for letting me know though x