Heartlands Fun and Church Fates!

In Cornwall there is a new heritage site which is already attracting so many people it's brilliant. Little Miss and I decided to head off on Sunday to join in some of the fun! As it was Sunday I knew the buses were far and few between and besides, the main theme for this summer holiday is to be as cheap as possible as with most families, we just don't have the pennies to spare right now!

So, we headed off, the walk was probably a couple of miles but we arrived in good time. After a 5km walk for Race For Life it seems a little walk to Heartlands from home was nothing for Little Miss! It was bloody hot though!

We had a brilliant day paddling by the Red River Cafe, dipping our feet in pool, getting some face painting done and playing in the park (the highest priority) we even took part in a scavenger hunt and Little Miss did colouring for the RSPB and I learnt some interesting things from the lady running the stall.

The River by the cafe is great fun for children (and adults!)
to cool their toes!

In keeping with the 'Muddy Toes' event we jumped in the puddles
I love the cartoon butterfly- never had one like this!
What a snazzy bike!
Showing off some fab moves!
We stopped off at the fish shop on the way home to give
ourselves a break from the walk ahead!
 We also went to our local church fate at the weekend which was a lovely way to kick start the holidays. Little Miss won a couple of prizes, a small blue teddy (helped by the kind man on the 'stall') and a little pink pony (they let her swap! How kind!). Both of the children had fun on the bouncy castle which was all enclosed just in case the weather took a turn for the worst!

Thankfully it didn't rain at all. We toured the inside of the church which Little Miss loves doing. I explained for the hundredth time about how the wedding would take place and we allowed Little Man to walk about exploring everywhere! He loved hiding in the pews and quite enjoyed the large thrones!

It was a really lovely day, the sun shone the whole time and we had a brilliant family day out. Oh, and i even started the day with a rather scrummy cooked breakfast made just for me by The Man *big grin* 

Having fun in the bouncy castle! I didn't think he'd like it but
he loved it!

Very happy with her prize

This had me in stitches!

A very yummy breakfast indeed!


  1. hoping to have a walk up there next week, will let you know if they show my art, just trying to pluck up courage to actually aske them!

    1. Do you follow them on Twitter (im such a geek haha) I really hope they do considering it's well, it is heartlands what with your art based on the mines! It would be so cool to have work up there, ill keep my fingers crossed for you!