AWeekly Catch Up #3

What can I say about our last week? End of an era for Little Miss comes to mind for sure! On Friday 20th it was officially the last day Little Miss would ever attend nursery. She's so excited about starting her new class year that she really wasn't sparing a thought for her last day and to be honest, I wasn't emotional at all. I'm so excited about the next step up in her education it's wonderful.

We went to her 'nursery graduation' where she picked up her certificate and I got to flick through her learning journal which I was really pleased with. Little Miss has come on leaps and bounds since starting nursery. So, to some up our end of an era week, I have made a few collages. Enjoy.

Little Miss at 3 years old before Little Man was born.
At 3 and half stating her first day in nursery in full uniform!

Walking to school in the winter all wrapped up.
Celebrating her 4th birthday before starting her afternoon session
Learning to hold her pen properly and starting to write her name.

First sports day was a success!
Taster session for the new class year in September.
Singing with her friends in the nursery graduation after receiving her certificate

Finally, we have name spelling down to a 'T' I am so proud
Extracts from Little Miss's Learning Journal. 

Little Man is chatting away constantly at the moment really trying to make some sort of sense. Unfortunately he's not being too successful but I think he's getting his big sister's name almost. He seems to be shouting something along those lines when he gets himself stuck in the toy box that he climbs in, arms stretched up and waving whilst shouting at his sister. Every time she picks him up so I think his first word will be her name! 
He's also really into his walking about right now, running to the door at every opportunity. I'm sure you can imagine the noise he makes once he realises he's being put in the pushchair instead! We've got lots planned for the summer holidays and I just hope instead of eating salt dough and play dough he might actually get into playing with it!
He's also being super independent right now with his eating, refusing to let me spoon feed him at all. My house is a constant mess with food rolling and dropping about all over the floor which is a pain but they have to learn! 

Holding hands at the church fate

Mince and rice. It wasn't pretty!
Now it's the summer holidays I'm sure there will be plenty to catch up on every week! Hope everyone is enjoying the sun!


  1. What a great week and what an achievement for your little miss. I can't imagine my daughter going to school- it seems so far away but I bet it will come around really quickly. Did you get emotional? I definitely will do I think! Her report is too cute.

    I hope you are enjoying the nice weather. x

    1. Hi thanks it really was a great week yes! I wasn't that emotional no, it was fun dropping her off more exciting than anything as the teachers had set up a party and water fight!! I didn't pick her up my partner did so maybe it didn't feel so real! x