Do Not Be Silent For Syria

I won't pretend to know the pain and suffering of those who have lost friends and family in Syria. 
Friday 25th May 2012 saw the men, women and children of Houla, a small village in Syria shot. Knifed. Executed. 
Syrians bury the bodies of some of the 108 civilians killed by government forces in Houla, Syria, on 25 May 2012. ©

I feel sad for these families. I feel sad for those children who were busy playing, walking maybe even sleeping when cruelly their lives were taken. Just like that.

I haven't felt this sad and angry in a long time. Perhaps because it is an execution of so many innocent lives, especially the young who had so much to learn and dream about.

I held my children earlier and thanked God for my life. 
I'm sure thousands joined me in that moment.


Please don't be silent. Syria needs YOU. 
There is a petition on Save The Children
There is a petition on Amnesty International

A lot of bloggers have been Tweeting today. Look out for the following tags:
#Syria #Stopthekilling #Tippingpoint

The people of Syria need us. 

Rest In Peace.

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