Nursery Bug Day

Of all the things I thought I could be doing this year, dressing Little Miss up for a party with a 'bug' theme was the last thing I was expecting. I'm not sure why, I should be used to it by now!

So yes, the newsletters came home and as usual I put it all to the back of my mind until the week arrived. Well the week did indeed arrived and on Wednesday i found myself between Twitter and a lot of netting.

Little Miss's tutu was made using 'The No Sew Tutu' method which is great for the sewing phobics amongst us. I bought some pom poms a week prior knowing what postal delivery can be like I didn't want to chance anything! I sewed these on and admired my work. Not too fiddly and not really that hard either! Still, I'm always pleased with any creation I make!

Little Miss's eyes lit up the next morning but just before school we realised we had missed the all important part of the dress up. The wings. So, dragging me half bug child into town we found some fairy wings and that was that, Little Miss was happy and ready for school armed with her extra large bag of crisps to share with her friends at the nursery bug party.

Can you guess what she is?



  1. Wow!She looks fantastic Hannah :-) x

  2. Not sure if my earlier comment went thro.Anyway I think she looks fab :-) x