My Crafty Make- Post Organiser!

A few months ago I was getting really fed up of all the post being dumped everywhere, you name the spot and guaranteed there would be some already opened mail that couldn't be filed dumped there. I couldn't really think of any ideas at the time so I bought a box, stuck the word 'Post' on it and claimed it to be a great work of art...It wasn't and now it is trashed.

So, I was surfing the great site that is Pinterest and came across a lovely little homemade organiser that I thought would be great for the spot by my front door.

This looks really good and I was really taken with the idea of making something similar. So here goes, you will need:
- A pen
- Scissors
- A Cereal Box
- Items to cover your box (I went for fabric! And then random bits from my craft box)
- Glue and Sellotape

First of all stick down the open ends of the cereal box with sellotape.

Next you'll want to measure (for me as my cereal box is quite small) 4 1/2 inches from the top of the box, mark this point and turn your box over measuring 3 1/2 inches from the top of this side. When you have made your points, join them up like so:

Now you have your lines, get your scissors and cut along them so you have two halves of your box. Don't stick them together yet as it is much, much easier to put your paper/fabric on with them separate. This would seem like common sense but I actually got caught in the moment and stuck them together before realising how much more difficult it would be!

After I solved my problem, I popped my fabric on covering up the untidiness of the lines, so remember not to worry about them as you won't keep them! Here is my finished post organiser, what do you think?

 Using some left over items from my crafting box I added a touch more of 'me' to the creation. Plenty more pink and some cupcakes! Not forgetting the word 'post'!

And here it is, sat next to my other Pinterest creation making my hallway entrance look much, much prettier!

Cupcake Mumma

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