Day 12/31 What's in your Fridge?

I don't know why but I love seeing these prompts! We do our food shop on a Thursday so my fridge isn't looking its usual sorry self.
I don't know about anyone else but after just a few days my food items seem to dwindle dramatically and I can't keep up with the stocking up of the fridge essentials these days!

 Alright then, here we have:

- A few eggs I predict are out of date (oops)
- Lemon juice from Pancake Day
- Dairy free mayonnaise
- Fruit juice
- Dairy free custard
- More juice and soya milk
- Whole milk
- A lonely tomato for a pizza
- Apples
- Courgette for my pizza
- Bowl of peas
- Huge tub of dairy free butter
- Strawberries
- Lots of ham
- 2 tubs of dairy free soft cheese
- Plenty of cheese
- Puff pastry
- Random open yogurts (thanks Midge)
- A whole shelf of yogurts mini ones for the children, dairy free ones for me and Muller Rice for Other Half
- Big stash of eggs
- Rice noodles
- Bag of herbed potatoes (i love these)
- Carrots
- More apples (old for a pie)
- Black bananas (for a cake)

So there you go. Now i'd like to leave you with a good saying for when you look in your fridge and cupboards for food on less well-stocked days (which are common in my home!)

' Look in the fridge- No food. Look in the cupboard- No food.'
' Lower standards, and look again'

Good motto I think!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. What a lovely full fridge you have! :) x

  2. Is that an open yogurt with a spoon sticking out that I see on the soft cheese shelf? Who has the self-discipline to eat half a yogurt?

    1. Ah that would be my Little Miss deciding half way through that she no longer likes that particular flavour! Little toad haha :)

  3. Your fridge looks organized. I have a couple of questions hoping you could help. First, how did you apply your pics next to text? I can never figure out how to do that on my blog. Second, I cannon figure out how to "Reply" to my comments on my blog. Can you tell me how to do that? Thank you.