Scavenger Hunt~ March

The Scavenger Hunt is a wonderful photography monthly link up with kathy at Postcards From The PP. If you fancy joining in then please head to her site and join in Aprils scavenger hunt list.
Here is my list for March:

This is the Methodist church where my parents live. i took this in the late morning when Other Half and I took the children out for a bit of fresh air before a pub lunch.

From the local sewing shop in Porthleven. I am happy to say the buttons are hidden behind the corner I hate taking photos in people's shops!

My local square on a nice day

My new Mini mug in my rather cupcake orientated kitchen!

I don't live near a theatre but luckily my sister in law sent me this Postcard from Bristol. The photo here is the Theatre Royal in Kings Street, Bristol

 Street Name
Here's a street near me. Here in Cornwall we're much like the Welsh in that we convert the English to the Cornish on most of our signs. I think it's a good idea.

My cousin found this photo. I'm not sure how old we are but it's a excellent find found deep in a box somewhere no doubt! Those were our favourite fancy dresses and I still have mine which Little Miss dresses up in now!

Truro Cathedral.

I love my leg warmers- they'll never go out of fashion for me!


Bit of a cheat as my hometown is nothing like a city but i thought a little shot including the Church steeple would let me off!

Half a Face 
Little Man at lunch last week with me and Other Half.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. aww! what lovely pics, and a great idea! i love cornwall, lots of happy family holidays there when i was younger x

  2. Very handy getting that postcard! Very sweet 'half a face!'
    Lisa x

    1. Aw thank you! Yes it was very lucky!! x