Loving me Post Baby:

This post was inspired by 2 fellow blogger's Motherventing (@motherventing) and Motherhood Journeys (@MotherScuffer) who have recently posted photographs of their post baby bodies. I already had a post in mind (minus photos) about my post baby body but after seeing how liberating it could be and what positive feedback these ladies had I thought 'What the heck?' and so here I am.

I had my daughter when I was 18. Of course I was actually pregnant with her at 17 so when my body started changing and in particular stretching, i found it pretty hard to come to terms with. I ate really badly during my first pregnancy often craving all the carbs on this earth rather than anything remotely healthy! I didn't gain that much weight though which was lucky. After I had Little Miss though things got tough and I didn't care much about myself. I ate poorly, hardly exercised and felt disgusting. I think it's sad to be so young and find yourself disgusting.

I then planned my next pregnancy when i was happier with myself, my relationship, my whole situation as a whole had improved. I was 21 and pregnant with Little Man and very happy. I ate a lot better second time around mainly down to pretty horrific pregnancy ailments! After he was born I was straight back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Now a year later I am back to square one. I have cared less about my diet, I don't get enough sleep and I certainly don't get enough exercise! This is all going to change though- and soon, I promise myself that.

For now though I will be and am happy with my body. I know there are things that can be changed and that is just fine. It's so important to love ourselves and I am glad I am not twice my age before I discover that.

So here I am, a few photos of my wobbly bits and stretch marks. All reminders and finer, hidden details of my Motherhood Journey...

I love my feet and my toes. I always complain that my legs are too big but I can see now there is nothing wrong with them! 

My children have left me with some pretty bad stretch marks. Some are fading and some I don't think ever will. These are the marks of growing and caring for my babies and no one will make me feel horrible for that. I also have a permanent line from slouching..even now I make an effort not to slouch it has stayed there!

And we end on a lower shot! I love my curves and always have. I have big hips which run in the family- I don't think those 'love handles' will ever go and that's okay. You can see the classic 'Mummy Tummy' but what do I care? If i don't do sit ups i can't complain!

This Is Me, Post Baby.

Cupcake Mumma