Listography: Top 5 Albums

This week Kate has got us listing out top 5 male soloist albums. Mine are not going to be very old, although had this been 'bands' I could of surprised a few! Male artists often relax me and I love their albums for chilling out whereas female solo artists such as Adele would provoke an emotion of some kind.

So here are my Top 5 Albums by male solo artists! (In no particular order)

1) Will Young 
I love this album and know almost every song on it. Will Young is one of my Mum's favourite solo artists and he's bloody good one! His voice is amazing and i can totally relax to most of his songs (or have a little boogy!)

2) James Blunt
I love James Blunt- all his albums but this is my favourite one. Although a lot of the songs are pretty low key and have a rather deep meaning, I find there is nothing better than laying on my bed and chilling out to a bit of James Blunt.

3) James Morrison
What's not to love about this great musician? 

4) Jack Johnson
The most relaxing, chilled out album ever. I go into a total 'peace only' zone when I play anything by Jack and if you ever have a tough day I recommend him!

5) Newton Faulkner
Brilliant guitarist, lovely voice and just perfect lyrics. My partner and played this album so much we ruined it and now need to replace it! 'Dream Catch Me' has to be an all time favourite. The fact he loves Cornwall is just a bonus!

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Unknown said...

Brilliant list :) I really struggled with mine this week, but looking at everyone elses I'm thinking 'damn, how'd I forget that?!'
Jack Johnson 'Better Together' was our first dance <3

Hannah said...

Thank you! Aw what a great song for your first dance ours will be chasin cars by snow patrol :) xx

Emma@christmascupboard said...

I Love Newton Faulkner & James Morrison! Brillant Albums x

cloudy days and moonbeams said...

Love your list - though I only know a few of them - think it might be a chance for me to expand my collection a little! :)

Kelly AKA Muuuuummy AKA The Wiffey said...

Ooo brilliant list, I have and love 4/5 of these! Even listened to Newton Faulkner today, it's a real summery album isn't it? Reminds me of seeing him at Boardmaster's festival in Cornwall when I was pregnant with my first!

Hannah said...

Hi Kelly you have fine taste then! haha I've seen anyone live and im pretty sure i missing out! x

Hannah said...

Glad you liked my list and I hope you find a few songs you like :)

Kate said...

How come I don't know Newton Faulkner?! Will have to check him out. Jack's proving to be a popular boy!

Nickie O'Hara said...

Right - I'm coming to yours for a music session - what fab choices!! Totally love James Blunt, Jack Johnson and Will Young.