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You know that programme on TV 'Room 101'? Well, Emily at Never Bored of Bubbles thought she would start a meme for Mums (and Dads too) of all the things (okay, top 3 things) we would banish to Room 101 forever. After I was tagged by Lucy at LucyLoves I had to get my thinking cap on!

First on the list for eternal banishment are:

Big Buggies.
They are bloody stupid. I'm sorry to anyone who has the car equivalent of a buggy to push their precious bundle around but they are a tad annoying. On buses they prevent anyone else having a buggy on board, or the faff for several other people who have to actually collapse their buggies and cling onto their offspring for dear life because there isn't any room for anyone else. Not to mention if a wheelchair user comes on board...that takes an age to negotiate! I always seem to get stuck behind these things (complete with stressful mother) in some aisle that's too small. Even worse is having them trying to maneuver said jeep buggy into some door I feel I really need to help, it's just unnecessary stress!

Number 2 goes to:
High End Nappies
Millions of parents use them and that's just fine. I personally find them (for my children) useless and a waste of money. I buy value nappies which are brilliant in my opinion. Sure they can be a bit gross when in the morning your little darlings wee has turned the inside to gel instead of the usual puffy cotton but I rarely have leaks and they work just as well. I think the 'high end' nappies really are too expensive for what they are. Crap catchers.

And Number 3:
Shoes for babies.
I'm sorry it's a pet hate. Slippers great. Booties? Cutest things on this earth but baby shoes? They are not soft, they look ridiculous. I think the reason I hate them is because I love feet, especially baby feet and there is nothing like looking at a pair of cute baby feet socks on or off, booties on or off..but when they have shoes on I just don't get it. Yes they're cute, but i think they are cuter off! I may start a collection of mini shoes..How absolutely cool! (or weird?)

I may have lost a few friends there. Please tell me the items you would banish to Room 101 and link up with Emily!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Soooooo with you on baby shoes! Xxxx

  2. number 2 - i love Aldi nappies!
    number 3 - can I add babies with earrings?!!!

    1. Lucy Aldi nappies are fab I agree. And babies with earrings? Jeez that's controversial haha but yes i hate it!! xxx

  3. I probably have what would be classed as a big buggy, but it never goes on a bus, I have a folding one for those purposes! Mind you, I find my bigger one far easier to push and don't get stuck in door ways with it because I can push and pull it with one hand and spin it in a circle etc so getting out of tight squeezes is easy.. My foldable one is much much harder work to push and control. I need help with that one more often!

    As for nappies.. I use nature baby as a half way between usual disposables and reuseables. Better for the planet I hope!

    I'm totally with you on the baby shoes though!


    1. If you're happy with your buggy then that's all that matters! Ive never owned a buggy im happy with, maybe a big one would be fab for me who knows lol. Nature baby nappies are fab i agree and yes slightly better for the environment which is always important and a bonus! x

  4. I hate big buggies too-I can't see the point, I want to say-just get a normal one!! And as for baby shoes, I too agree, there is no point to them whatsoever!!x

  5. Oh no don't hate me ladies, I had a BIG buggy when little one was small. I don't need to change, the asiles need to get bigger!! Lol.

    As for baby shoes, I'm with you. My friend gave us baby converse when my daughter was born, I loved them and thought they were so cute until I put them on. Her feet went clonk with the weight of gravity. So impractical and never worn again!! x

    1. Ah would never hate you! Nor anyone..just their buggy choice haha! Although, yes, if asiles were bigger the problem wouldn't exist in shops! I love baby converses and baby shoes in general..just not on their little feet lol xx

  6. Oh dear, I have a big buggy...but like Alex we use a small folding one for the bus. It's great for taking to the supermarket because you can hang loads of bags from the handles and it doesn't fall over. Afraid we use high-end nappies too, although we stock up when on special offer and don't spend a great deal more anyway. I love looking at little baby shoes but can't handle the stress of taking baby out and not losing one!