Happy Birthday!

As promised this post brings to you the birthday of my very wonderful niece and nephew. They were 4 yesterday and it's quite hard to believe they were once just 2 tiny little babies in a small bed in hospital. Now they're both opinionated, funny and true characters.

On the 15th we popped round to see them as a pre-birthday get together with a good number of other family members also present. The twins got to have some presents early (Monday was a school day so they wouldn't get to see everybody) and all the children got to have some party food.

Here's Z getting a start on his presents. We bought him a Hex Bug set which he loved. They appear to be the 'in' thing at the moment. His parents also bought him a set which is much bigger but connects with ours which is a bonus!

G got some Lush products from us. She is Lush obsessed and I have never seen a child so happy to receive bath products! She quickly dived in and put powder all over herself. I think she was in the bath at the next opportunity she could get as well!!

On the actual day we all went off to the Big 'M' which was pretty fun for the children. Our local McDonalds has just been refurbished and looks great with the new interior. They have even put some projectors on the ceilings which projects images onto the floor, the little ones loved this! 

G and Little Man playing with balloons

 Sat down opening her cards and presents

Here's my eldest nephew O, the twins and Little Miss having fun with the projector game! It looked fun maybe next time i'l try to find some treasure!

Little Man getting creative. He ate more of the crayons than he did his chicken nuggets but oh well!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Looks like a lovely day hun :) Glad everybody had a good time! x

  2. Ha ha my little man eats the crayons too xx

  3. Oh how lovely! I can't wait for the days of birthday parties etc but until then my little man eats crayons too-and then gets multi coloured dribble everywhere!x