Catch Up

Hello I haven't been blogging for a couple of days so thought it was time for a little catch up of my weekend! On Friday myself, Other Half (can't wait to write Husband so much easier!) Little Miss and Little Man went for a very civilized messy lunch at Wetherspoons. It was pretty packed but we got some comfy seats near other families so as to not spoil any OAPs peaceful, non-messy and very civilized lunch!
We managed to get Little Miss to actually eat something other than a tea cake, she tucked into two very fat and juicy sausages, demanded an egg with her crunchy chips and even tried pinching some of mine! Unfortunately this new found food love only appeared to last for that one afternoon..damn.

Little Man needs no encouragement and wolfed down his peas and sausage while Other Half and I enjoyed our usual. I even sneaked some of my new dairy free herb and garlic soft cheese- absolutely delicious with chips and salad! After our lunch we quickly left (despite my best efforts the surrounding area of the highchair always looks like I've brought pack of animals to dine not a one year old..) and went to the good old sweet shop. I bought some hard gums (yummy) and was taken in by the new American treats that have landed! I can't eat half of them but I'm a bit taken with our fellow neighbours and their sweet choices! Weird huh? I like watching those programmes like 'Dives, Dinners and Drive Ins' or something like that, the food across the land never fails to amaze me (and sometimes disgust me if I'm truly honest it's the portion sizes!)

On Saturday I went out to do some photography. I did indeed do this but I also did a bit of sneaky shopping! Nothing exciting but I shall share my finds anyway. The park was lovely and sunny  not too cold and not too packed. I stuck my earphones in, blocked out the world so it was just me and nature- bliss. Here are some shots from my day out:

 As promised here are some of my finds of the day. I also bought myself a new top, leggings and some much need under crackers for myself and Little Miss!!

This lovely dressing gown was reduced to £3.50!

Socks from the charity shop they're lovely and fit both Little Miss and myself! Together with a new bodysuit for T this cost me a £1

And a new diary. I am in need of positive thinking and come June I can start writing in this bright new journal. Yey!

We also went to my Sister in laws on Sunday but I'm going to do another post on that. It was a pre birthday party and meal, a lovely day had by all. I'll post all this up later after real birthday celebrations and the first day back at school is over!
Cupcake Mumma


  1. i love american tv programs, it just fasinates me, MAN vs FOOD is a favourite :) and that dressing gown is amazing! x

    1. Man vs food is ace i also love it! Thanks for your comment :) x

  2. oooh those sweets are making my mouth water!!