A Yummy Tea Party

I did my bit last weekend for Yummy Mummy Week and stayed up late Saturday night baking some cakes for a little tea party at my Mums house on the Sunday afternoon.

After a late night Little Miss got me up early so we could start making the butter icing. I chose pink (well done if you guessed before I got that far) and Little Miss went for orange which was a nice change. After all the cakes were iced we packed them all up to head over to my Mum and Dads house.

It was a nice afternoon, all my family were there, Other Half came with both children, my Gran came over as well as 2 of my Mum's friends. The cakes were very tasty and I baked flap jacks for a little something extra. Mum made some rather tasty dairy and gluten free chocolate muffins- they went down well!

With the left over cakes Mum took them into work yesterday to sell for a few pennies. I've managed to raise £23,00 from a small gathering and Other Half is adding a ten pound to that before I make the payments to Clic Sargent. It may not be much but thanks to those who bought a cake. It adds to the much needed funds for a very good charity.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I'm moving in a couple of days and this really really makes me want to go and unpack the baking things! Well done, they look fantastic x

    1. Thanks :) Goodluck with the move, hope it goes well (and quick so you can get baking!) x