Now I'm a Happy Cupcake Mumma

The children are in bed, I am snuggled on the sofa under my duvet and I am watching a Friends DVD which has taken me forever to find (series 4 the hardest to get hold of)I do have a rather sore gum which may or may not be down to an abscess which will definitely have to be my top priority tomorrow to sort out. abscess
I've had a lovely day spent with Other Half and my Little Man. Little Miss was with us for half the day before she had to go to nursery. We were joined early by my sister in law and her 3 lovely children (also affectionately known as 'The Tribe' when all four of them are together!) I had so many baby snuggles it was just lovely, I'm not sure if my niece was so keen I got a lot of funny faces..lets pretend it was just gas okay?

It was nice to have all the children over and playing together, none of them are any bother at all which is nice, not a lot of bickering which is always lovely! I dropped Little Miss off to school leaving Other Half with Little Man and his 3 cousins. I was pleasantly surprised to not see him rocking back and fourth in the middle of them rooms surrounded by 2 crazed twins and a screaming baby! Turns out he's more than capable but that doesn't mean I'm allowing my uterus to be open for occupancy anytime soon!

It was a mini mission later on to get everyone ready for the school run but once there I got to see my Nephew ride his bike for the first time. He has taught himself to ride his bike and couldn't wait to join in with the school's Bike To School Week which I think is a good idea. I think he really did it for the free breakfast more than anything!

I'll leave you now with some photos of my day. It was a lovey one.

Little Miss and Daddy on the moped

Uncle Jay showing his niece how to ride a bike!

One of many beautiful shots I took today

Cupcake Mumma x

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