Operation Superhero- Part 2

Alright so it's a week late but you know how it is! As I mentioned here last Wednesday was 'Superhero Day' and I was well excited. I quite like getting the old thinking cap on and coming up with an idea for Little Miss to show off in the afternoon to all her little school friends.

We decided female superheros really were not all that suitable for a nursery dress up (think Cat Woman, Wonder Woman- the only time I see these outfits they are donned by hot looking young women) so we moved on to our own little creation: 'Super L'.

We got some fabric from the local store, 1 meter for £3.50. I don't know what's good and what's not so good when it comes to fabric because I've only just started being a crafty type but I look forward to comparing! I went for a rather cute design so when the day was over I could use the 'cape' again for a pillow, some hearts whatever I fancy doing at a later date.

So, being not ready to brave my sewing machine everything I embark on at this present moment in time is hand stitched! If I knew how to work my machine (passed down so no bloody manual!!) I would've made this fabric nice and neat after cutting it, you know, give it a nice folded hem but sod that with hand sewing!

 Next I sewed on an 'S' and an 'L' for 'Super L' in pink and purple felt. I did pretty well and only pinned my finger once which believe me is some what of an achievement in itself!

A bit of face paint later and the transformation was complete! There was no way she would've kept a mask on so I figured painting one was a good idea and how many children don't like a bit of face painting? I'm 22 and I still wouldn't mind it!

So there you have it, Little Miss's homemade Superhero cape for nursery. She really enjoyed wearing it and apparently it stayed on for most of the day. The material is now sat in my cupboard waiting to be transformed into something else. Ill have to show that off at a later date.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. This is an excellent take on superhero day-love the cape and great idea to re-use the material! She looks sooo cute! x

    1. Thanks Chole! I was thinking little pillows and and a bit of bunting for my new kitchen shelf! x