Being A Tourist in my County!

I visited my parents' house this weekend. They live just up the road from a beautiful harbour and the beach is just a short walk away. It hasn't been warm enough for me to go quite that far yet but I know Other Half has taken Little Miss out on several occasions to get her feet wet.

Armed with our baby back carrier which was undergoing its first try, my little camera and both children we ventured out to be tourists for the day.
I love being a little tourist. Getting your camera out for everything, buying nick knacks from the local shops. My nick knacks don't ever go much further than a few postcards and maybe an item to the value of 99p but nevertheless I still have fun searching!

We also had a quick look around the charity shop around the corner from my parents house. We got a big Weeble Playhouse for £1.25 which was a bargain although not necessarily true considering we really don't need anymore toys but you just try and stop Other Half when he's in 'the zone'.

I got some beautiful shots of the harbour, the sea, the landscape. I never get sick of taking photos of this area, I can see why it's such a tourist attraction and holds a lot of holiday homes.

After taking some pictures and having a walk we decided to venture into the local pub for some drinks and chips. It was pricey at ten pounds for 2 bowls of chips, 2 Capri Suns and a half pint but it's a pub! And local so it doesn't matter too much! The children liked having a good munch and warming up. The chips were delicious and the atmosphere was nice too.

After that we searched for more postcards and had a general browse before heading home. Of course, Little Miss and Other Half had to buy a Mr. Whippy to complete the day!

Hope you had a good weekend everybody!


  1. Did you grow up there? That must have been amazing - I'm thinking The Famous Five, LOL

    1. No I grew up in Gloustershire but moved to Cornwall when I was about 10 so half and half really! Where i grew up from moving is similar but not as good! Actually the both have lovely qualities. Famous Five indeed!