I'm not Busy, I'm Lazy...

I've been thinking about this blog. I read lots of blogs every single day because I truly love every blog I follow and I'm always loving what everybody seems to get up to every day or week.
I haven't been blogging too much recently (unless you count a meme which bores most readers to death I would imagine) I have realised this is because I actually don't 'do' anything.

My poor children. They don't go to toddler groups or fun little sessions. Mummy isn't brave enough at the moment. What a lame excuse. Truth be told right now I much prefer to sit on my backside only getting up and going out for the absolute necessary.

There isn't anything wrong. Nothing at all. I do this, it runs in the family I think, periods of just sitting there thinking about anything and everything until it completely overwhelms you and you just sink down feeling like crap for no real reason at all.

I'm finding it difficult to manage the time in my life. I want to do some photography. I'm planning on teaching myself the art of photography (the essential need-to-know basics, the rest is what's behind the camera I believe) as I have no hope of going on a course. They're not too pricey for what they teach but they are all in the evenings and they are not near me!

I also still have studies going on with my massage course. I'm doing a home study but never seem to have time in the day to get down to this. In the evening I just want to sit there and try to relax whilst going up and down the stairs feeling pretty tired as the evening goes on!

I also know there are more important things that need looking at. I need to sort my diet because I am not feeling very well at the moment and my diet, coupled with my lack of water intake is making feel a little bit crap. Why I don't address this straight away I don't know..Laziness? I also want exercise in my life, I have a mummy tummy to sort out and some weight on my hips to shift otherwise that old wedding dress will be too tight!

So I'm off to try and figure out things..alright I'll have breakfast and play with the monkeys first then get down to the nitty gritty!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I am glad it's not just me! I just can't keep staying motivated which is so annoying. Hope you manage to sort things :)

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I often forget i'm not the only one! Don't we all!! x